McCarthy Comes Out Fighting Against Wolves Fans

Mick McCarthy, manager of Premier League side Wolves, has unleashed a shock attack on the club’s supporters, labeling the fans who have spoken out about their lack of faith in McCarthy “mindless idiots”. The manager felt forced to speak out to the English sporting press after the weekend’s 2-2 draw against Premier League minnows Swansea at home. Ultimately the game made the headlines less for an admirable Wolves comeback from 2-0 down than for vocal chants from the home fans of “You’re getting sacked in the morning”.

McCarthy refused to let himself be drawn on the events that unfolded during the game straight after the final whistle in the televised interviews, but since then has clearly had time to think again, choosing to defend his role at Wolves with an admirable sense of passion. The Wolves manager stated that, as far as he’s concerned, since taking over the managerial hot seat he’s done a good job. However, it would seem that an unexpected run of five consecutive league defeats has piled the pressure on his shoulders.

The Wolves manager stated that some of the club’s supporters even appear to want their team to pick up a run of poor results so that they’re handed an excuse to moan and vent their anger at their beleaguered manager. McCarthy stated: “I think they have short memories. But let me clear that up as well. I’ve also had unbelievable support this week, from the players, everyone at the club”.

Although it is true to say that Wolves perhaps aren’t able to boast the greatest amount of individual talent in the whole of the English Premier League, even though they have more than a couple of players with real skill, including former Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara and talented Republic of Ireland striker Kevin Doyle, the “great spirit” and team unity that clearly runs throughout the squad could yet prove far more decisive and crucial than talent in the battle to secure Premier League this season.

There are some crucial games over the coming weeks appearing on the Wolves agenda, including a home fixture against another side struggling in the league, Wigan Athletic, taking place the weekend after this one, and McCarthy knows all too well that every section of the club’s support will need to get firmly behind his players if they are to stick around in the Premier League for another season or more.

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