Buffalo and Seneca Nation Casino

The Buffalo and Seneca Indian Nation casino talks suffered a breakdown.

Byron Brown, Mayor of Buffalo, had announced that he will no longer allow the selling of part of the street that runs in the casino plan because the Seneca do not make firm promises in exchange for the site.

According to Mayor Brown, the Seneca do not give them any choices but to end the discussion.

Buffalo demand that the residents of the town will comprise half of the casino employees.

With women and minorities making up another third of the employees.

The mayor also seeks the assurance of the Seneca that they would not buy property beyond their nine acre casino site and include it in their sovereign property in Buffalo

Seneca had issued a deadline of 11 o’clock in the morning for the town to accept their terms or they would act on their own.

The mayor had announced that the town will not be subjected to deadlines.

Commissioner Richard Tobe of Economic Development said that the town is seeking a legally binding term from the Seneca that until now they are not getting from the Indian tribe.

The Seneca has not so far give any reactions except for saying that without the part of the streets, the plan of one hundred twenty million dollar casino facilities will be affected.

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