Breaking Up from Gambling

February 3, 2018 Carlos Ford 0

It is undeniable that gambling addiction is rampant today. Studies show that as years go by. More and more people are getting addicted to gambling.

For someone who is a stranger to gambling, he or she might think that gambling addiction is a lot easier to fix than the other addictions out there like alcohol or drugs. However, experts would not agree to this, because they claim that gambling addiction is harder to cure compared to even drug addiction, and they have reasons to believe so.

The first reason why gambling addiction is difficult to cure is that people today is still in denial stage that there is such a thing as gambling addiction. For most people, what they see is just a certain excess in gambling, but not addiction.

You can attribute this to lack of information or ignorance. To solve this, gambling organizations are trying their best to open the eyes of the people to gambling addiction. If we do not act on this problem soon, people will remain in their comfort zones with the belief that their husbands or wives are not addicted to gambling, that they are just “too interested”.

If you do not acknowledge a sickness, how can you cure it? That is why we must work hand in hand in informing the public about gambling addiction, and how it can destroy lives.

Another reason why it would be hard to cure this addiction is the call of money. Many people are in so much need of money now, and history has proven just how powerful money is. We even have a saying that goes “money makes the world go round”. That is why many people would like to get their hands on some, and this is just what gambling promises. It is hard to earn a million in your day job, but gambling attracts people with the idea of winning millions in just minutes.

Lastly, it would be more difficult to cure gambling addiction in a society that patronizes, supports and encourages gambling. Some gambling addicts even say that the city even encourages them to gamble, influences them to gamble. Many cities today are dependent on the income they get from gambling, which makes gambling sound right, and in turn, even gambling addiction. It is good to market something that gives your city profits, but do not forget to warn your citizens about the …

The Casino Dealer College Opens in Arizona

December 8, 2017 Carlos Ford 0

Casinos all over the United States are looking for well trained and world class roulette dealers and this prompted the Casino Dealer College to lend its hand to Arizona. The Casino Dealer College is a respectable training school and has the widest brand of casino training in the country.

The Casino Dealer College campus is located at Tempe, Arizona.

The new campus will serve the Tucson, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandelier, Phoenix and other nearby areas.

The training school is open to people who want to try to work in casinos. The new campus offers students the training they need to be world class dealers in games like the baccarat, poker, Pai Gow, video poker, craps, blackjack and the roulette games.

And as part of the training, new roulette trainers will also be assisted in finding casinos looking for roulette dealers.

The placement director for the Casino Dealer College, Sharon Watts, explained that the training school was opened in Arizona to fill the large need for well trained casino dealers.

According to Watts, the Casino Dealer College had a one hundred percent job placement and this means that their students who were actively seeking casino employment found jobs.…

The Advantages of Online Casinos

November 27, 2017 Carlos Ford 0

Millions of people all over the world are already playing and gambling on the Internet just like they would in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Online casinos have many advantages over traditional, brick and mortar casinos.

At online casinos, you don’t need to dress up and look your best before you can go to the casino. There’s no need to drive a car to a destination hundreds of miles away, only to discover that available parking space is nowhere to be found. Simply wash your face, turn on the computer, and you will be gambling in a few minutes.

When you play in land-based casinos, most likely you have to go through the hassle of waiting to be seated at one of the poker or blackjack tables. With so many online casinos on the Internet, there are no full tables or rooms.

At online casinos, you don’t have to worry about getting robbed by card sharks and other unscrupulous people. You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off by prohibitively expensive food and drinks as well as spending your money on tips. You also don’t have to worry about the unsanitary habits of other gamblers especially when you use the slot machine. In online games, there are no unwanted noise and cigarette smoke that can distract your attention.

Before you think that online casinos are the best thing to be invented since peanut butter, then you should also consider the negative aspects of online gambling.

Online casinos are not as safe or land-based casinos in terms of personal and financial information. There are numerous cases of identity theft and credit card theft on the Internet. If you’re not very careful about the casino you are playing in, your credit card data may be stolen or your email address may be sold to spammers. A wise move would be to play only in well-known and reliable online casinos as they are known to be safer.

Since you cannot see a real person shuffling and dealing the cards, you might also get the feeling that you’re being cheated. This is a common fear among many online gamblers. It would be good to know that most online casinos are fair and would not tolerate cheating. To be on the safe side, look for trustworthy casinos and beware of fake or fraudulent ones.

Online gambling is also thought as a form of anti-social …

Progressive 9-line

January 11, 2017 Carlos Ford 0

The soon to be famous slot machine, The Million Club, is a progressive 9-line, 5-reel online video slot game. Players from all over the world are hoping to be the lucky winner of $3,698,999, the largest jackpot ever offered in the online gaming industry.

The jackpot is being offered by InterCasino online casino, well renowned in the online gambling industry. They were the first to introduce Cryptologic Inc. award winning software and are now ready to make online casino jackpot history.

The press has taken a huge interest in this historic event and gamblers are ready to try their luck and are flocking to intercasino.

The progressive stands ready and players are anxious to be the lucky winner that scores the jackpot.

InterCasino has seen a massive increase in their traffic since the news went public about the jackpot. Online casino slot players have their fingers crossed as they play non-stop from morning till night.

“The jackpot has never gone this long in between payouts and every slot player knows that it’s the best time to play because the machine is loaded and every next spin could be the one,” said Peter Marcus, InterCasino’s marketing director.

The last payout amount from the Millionaire Club video slot machine was a massive $1.77 million, which happened only a week before Christmas.

The jackpot is increasing at a rate of over $150,000 weekly, and soon a new millionaire will be announced.…